Team Swim Camp

Private and Group Lessons

Single- or Multiple-Day Camps Private and Group Lessons

The Technique Training tract (4-6,000 yds./day) is designed for individual and group instruction in fundamental and advanced stroke skills, and start and turn techniques. The Technique Tract is a skill foundation that will help assist on the path to fast swims, starts, turns, pacing, and nutrition. Our technical tract will include progressions and idea of how to improve in-water efficiency as an individual and team.

The Intensive Training tract (~12,000 yds./day) is available for swimmers 13 and over who are already in shape. This option includes 1 or 2 water training workouts in a day. This is not a "get in shape" tract as we are providing your athletes with the following types of workouts: threshold, VO2max, lactate tolerance, power, and maximal speed training. This tract is designed for the swimmer with good foundational skills who is in active training and can handle the workload. It is important not to "push" younger children into this tract in an effort to maintain training volume.


The Championship Prep Stroke clinic will cover starts/dives, finishes, and cleaning up strokes.


If interested in private or group lessons, please contact us directly so that we can get you set up. Contact Julia Czentye at

College Summer Training

College Summer Training is for graduated high school seniors, college athletes, and post-graduates. Whether your goal meet is summer states, sectionals, US open, Olympic Trials, or preparation for the next year of college the Queens staff will work to help you reach your goals.

One Week Summer Training allows you to come train with us for one week, anytime this summer! 


Assistant Coach, Queens Swimming

Julia Czentye,

Queens University of Charlotte opens our doors to all athletes
who are looking for a way to improve their swimming ability. Contact Coach Julia
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