College Summer Training

The Queens University of Charlotte is providing a place for athletes who are graduated high school seniors, college athletes, and post-graduates to come and continue to improve in preparation for any summer competition. Whether your goal meet is summer states, sectionals, US open, or Olympic Trials, or preparation for next year the Queens staff will work to help you reach your goals. Through our Queens Summer College Camp each athlete will have the opportunity to train with a multitude of athletes from all over the country.

Our program includes 8 Swim sessions a week and the possibility for 3 strength sessions.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 - 8am 6 - 8am 6 - 8am 6 - 8am 6 - 8am 8 - 10am
  2 - 4pm   2 - 4pm    

The payment schedule will be completed on the following dates:

  • $70 - Paid at registration. If you are currently registered with USA swimming please provide proof of registration and this amount will be credited back to you in your next months payment. If you would like to transfer club teams to  Queens Swimming (or unattached) please provide a transfer form. If you are not registered please complete and return a registration form.
  • $200 - Paid May 1st. If you register after May 1st through August 1st, this will be assessed at registration.
  • $200 - Paid June 1st.
  • $200 - Paid July 1st.

Please note weight training will be an additional fee and all meet fees and expenses will be owed prior to the entry deadline for the meet or you will not be entered.


WHO For swimmers who want to come train with us for 1 week - ANYTIME this summer!
COST $200
DATES Monday - Friday, 6 - 8am